Freehand® Drink-Caddy

The Freehand Travel™ Story

In 2014, my vision came to life.  After years of corporate travel and finding it difficulty to take calls with my hands full from carrying my phone, boarding pass, drink and suitcase in tow, I started asking if there could be an easier to take a do tasks while dealing with the chaos of a crowded terminal while simultaneously racing to my gate.  I felt there had to be a way to travel easier.  So I went about engineering a solution that involved a cup holder that stays level while I'm running to my flight.  

Freehand Drink Caddy™ was born when I developed a prototype and began working with engineers at a high-tech plastics and injection molding company.  As Freehand cup-caddy™  continued to evolve throughout the process, I began to see how easy it made travel for me after getting through a TSA Checkpoint.  

I'm working with US based manufacturing companies and working towards a completed product by Nov. 20, 2016.  If you'd like to pre-order, please select which product you'd like and add it to your cart and check out.  Each order will be tracked and matched with your profile and sent once production is completed.  Make travel easy and please help support and build the Freehand coffee-caddy™ and become part of the journey.

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