Freehand® Drink-Caddy

About Us

Freehand Travel Drink-caddy™ was created, designed and invented by

Jason Klugh


Jason is a seasoned sales and marketing guy who's always had a desire to create tools, platforms and services to help people make their lives / work / day better. After years of corporate travel, missed conference calls and spilled coffee because of not having a free hand, he's always been on the look out for something to put a drink and travel items into while running for my next flight Freehand Travel Drink-Caddy™ is a product that allows a busy traveler to place drinks and documents into something that's easily accessible while continuing to work on-the-go. Jason routinely sees people juggling the tasks of taking calls and not being able to get to their documents easily because they don't have a free hand as they run through terminals on their way to their next flight.  That is why he designed and developed this revolutionary new product that helps ease the challenge of today's travel. The design is simple and allows travelers the chance to get back a free hand as they navigate today's chaotic world of travel. This is how Freehand Drink Caddy was born!