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Fundraising Campaign is under way!

Fundraising Campaign is under way!


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 FreeHand Launches Kickstarter Campaign with First-of-its-Kind, Hands-Free Travel Accessory

The FreeHand Travel Companion, the travel essential you didn’t know you needed but shouldn’t have to travel without, has recently launched its Kickstarter campaign to jumpstart bulk production nationwide.

Charlotte entrepreneur Jason Klugh has launched a revolutionary multi-use travel accessory, called the FreeHand, with a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign ( to support the manufacturing and distribution of the world’s first and only self-leveling portable cup holder with optional mobile phone and document holder—an essential for both seasoned travelers and everyday individuals. The Kickstarter campaign hopes to raise $22,000 and will run through April 15th, 2016.

Thoughtfully designed to ease the hassle of traveling from Point A to Point B, the FreeHand is a functional, light-weight travel companion consisting of a cup holder and optional mobile pack that attaches to the handle of any wheeled upright carry-on bag or suitcase. Messy drink spills and missed calls become a thing of the past as the FreeHand provides the freedom to navigate crowds at the airport, train station, or even on congested city streets, without the customary juggling of phones, coffees and tickets all in one hand.

The FreeHand is durable, collapsible and weighs a mere 4 ounces. Its patent-pending gyro cup holder is designed to securely hold a variety of cup sizes, keeping drinks perfectly upright and level on the race through the terminal. Upon arrival of a final destination, the removal of the FreeHand is effortless due to its simple, but ingenious, design. Easily detach, collapse and stow in a carry-on bag.

A versatile addition to the FreeHand cup holder is the detachable mobile pack that can firmly hold cell phones up to 4” wide, including the Samsung Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6, as well as important travel documents. Enjoy the convenience of having boarding passes and identification secured in a central, easy-to-reach location while speeding through security checkpoints.

“We love the clean, high-quality look of FreeHand, but looks aren't enough. We spent countless hours refining the design throughout the engineering process to ensure the functionality, style and versatility of our final product would stand above the rest,” says inventor and founder of The Freehand Travel Companion, Jason Klugh. “The end result is a streamlined, patent pending gyro cup holder with optional pack to secure your mobile phone. Once into production, we will be able to feature a multitude of colors and designs, as well as begin to develop advanced versions that will further ease the travel experience.” 

Is the FreeHand a dream come true for travelers? Yes, but, without the necessary funds to take the FreeHand project to the next level of production, it could takes years for those dreams to be fulfilled. This is why the FreeHand has introduced a Kickstarter project to try and crowd-source the $22,000 necessary to manufacture this innovative product on a larger scale.

Kickstarter campaigns operate under an “all-or-nothing” funding model, with minimal risk for anyone interested in backing a project. Consider donating as little as $1 to help their project come to life and support the needs of multi-tasking travelers.  Consider pledging $25 or more, and be among the first in the world to travel effortlessly and hands free with the FreeHand Travel Companion. If the project doesn’t reach its goal by April 15th, 2016, no backers are charged and no money changes hands. Be sure to follow the FreeHand’s progress on Twitter @ And Facebook:


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